Mage empowers you build, train, and deploy predictive models in minutes. We currently support a wide range of impactful use cases, with many more on the way.

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From data preparation to API deployment, our tool gives you everything you need to create a working AI model. The best way to get started is by building one yourself.

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Re-ranking of lists

Re-arrange items in a set to optimize for a desired outcome.

  1. Optimize results

    Rank list of items that will increase or decrease a desired user behavior (e.g. increase clicks, decrease screen time, etc).

  2. Product recommendations

    Recommend new products to users.

  3. Recommendations

    Personalize suggestions to users.

  4. Search

    Rank relevant results.

  5. Content recommendations

    Increase user engagement by personalizing the content on a user’s home feed.

Find out more about ranking and how product recommendations can enhance your customer experience leading to increased revenue.

Churn prevention (Retention)

Prevent people from leaving you.